My research interests are in human-machine interaction, haptics, human motor control, and movement performance and training. My work uses robotic systems to study how people control and adapt their movement, and in turn, uses a fundamental understanding of human behavior to inform the design of haptic feedback for improved human-machine physical interaction. My graduate work at Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University focused on exploring these ideas in physical rehabilitation and surgical applications. My postdoctoral work at Delft University of Technology explores other applications, including deep-sea mining. Please see the drop-down list for more details about specific projects.  

  What is haptics? Haptics refers to our sense of touch, which we can incorporate into devices/machines to improve interaction between us and our technology. At the Medisch Interfacultair Congres 2016 (Utrecht, The Netherlands), I discussed the importance of haptics and its potential for robot-assisted surgery, along with ethical questions that come along with advanced technology.